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January 25 2015

January 20 2015

When You Should Hire Residential And Commercial Roofing Contractors In San Antonio

The roof roof under you is usually a very key component to the overall structure and value of your house. With proper maintenance, your roof is in a position to retain its structural integrity and still maximize on increasing the value of your home. The typical lifespan of a roof is believed to be between fifteen and twenty years. However, for a roof to stand all tests of nature, regular inspections and maintenance are a must if the roof is to operate properly. Having your roof inspected by residential and commercial roofing contractors in San Antonio can be a very good way to have an affordable and beneficial inspection. With proper inspection, a homeowner can determine whether his or her roof requires maintenance for it to operate properly. Here are some reasons why you should hire residential and commercial roofing contractors in San Antonio

Short-Term Maintenance

A short-term maintenance on your home’s roof can really help you save much rather than incur the high costs of having a complete roof replacement especially if its warranty has not expired. Short-term maintenance from these contractors can help save your home from structural damages that could have a significance impact on the cost of repair. This maintenance can involve checking for popped out or missing nails so that they can be replaced. in addition, a missing shingle can be replaced to ensure your home has protection against water damage. If some water damage has already occurred, you might consider undertaking some further repairs to avert any unforeseen problems.

The Flashing

The flashing surrounding your house’s chimney and other roof penetrations requires to be in optimal working condition. As your house ages, the hot summer days lead to an expansion of the caulking and some other sealants. In the winter season, the caulking and sealants contract. Over a long period of time, the area can open up and allow the penetration of water especially into the attic and finally into your house. As a result, re-caulking and extra resealing can be part of the repair process. This can be an important roofing procedure that can be utilized in chimney flashing and any other roof system pop-ups.

A Full Replacement

You might also consider hiring residential and commercial contractors in San Antonio for a complete roof replacement. As time goes by, your home’s roofing system might become worn-out and aged and as a result cause the need for an entire roof replacement. In addition, natural calamities such as storms and hurricanes can also cause immense damage to your roof. Irrespective of the reason, roof replacement can be expensive undertakings. However, they can have much significance to the value of your home as well as providing complete wind and rain protection. When it is time for an entire roof replacement, it is best to hire competent and reputable roofers such as the residential and commercial roofing contractors in San Antonio. When you hire them, you are sure to have your roof replacement completed within the shortest time possible.

The replacement procedures will include tearing off the old roof, replacing the damaged and rotten boards in addition to replacement of the missing components such as shingles. You should ensure that you hire roofing contractors who are fully certified for an assurance of proper roof replacement. http://www.shieldroofingonline.com/about-us/ are a team of experienced contractors that can help with all your roofing repair inquiries.

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January 18 2015

January 11 2015

January 05 2015

Why Choose Commercial Window Cleaning Services

Why Choose Commercial Window Cleaning Services

In today’s business world where there is cut-throat competition for customers, image matters a log. A dirty business environment can easily ruin the image of business in the eyes of customers. The hygiene level both within and outside the commercial building is enough to make great first impression on a prospective customer.

One of the biggest reasons for hiring a good commercial window cleaning company for cleaning your windows is the basic fact that it helps in creating a more conducive environment for successfully running your business. This fact is especially true for areas where there’s lot of dust and dirt on window panes as well as windows, as this also deteriorates the air quality within the building. If the situation persists for long, it can affect the health of staff that spend hours within the building. This may reduce their productivity levels. In fact, some of them may even be unable to work in this type of environment. Clean windows will allow greater ambient light inside the premises, which helps in creating a really bright positive mood among the working staff.

Another big reason for hiring a professional commercial window cleaner is safety. Many businesses have offices in multi-storey buildings where there are many difficult to access areas. This means cleaning their windows is not easy as heights are involved. Commercial window cleaners not only have necessary tools and equipment (water fed special poles, safety ropes, compact reach and wash mechanism, etc) to ensure complete safety of window cleaners, they also possess extensive training. Hiring them is therefore the best option.  http://www.ABWC.net

There’s also the fact that many commercial window cleaners offer much more than just the plain cleaning service. The cleaner may also provide all types of cleaning supplies to the business. They’re charged with keeping necessary inventory of supplies. This means staff of the company can solely focus their attention on other more important constructive issues. Business will also have to pay less for supplies as window cleaning company buys them in bulk at most competitive rates.

Commercial Window Cleaning at Lifetime Fitness

Commercial Window Cleaning at Lifetime Fitness

Another advantage of hiring a commercial window cleaning company as opposed to carrying out all the cleaning work yourself or having your workers do it for you, is the fact that it allows for cleaning process to go on unhindered without affecting the core business of your company. The window cleaner can easily schedule their cleaning work in the evening, day, during off-peak hours, or even during weekends when there’s less work being done within the commercial premises.

Also, there’s the advantage of reliability and consistency with a commercial window cleaning service. Since cleaning windows is not the main business of the company, it’s very easy for the employees charged with this particular task to simply forget all about it or do it haphazardly in an unprofessional way. A window cleaner will schedule the work depending on the preference of their client. All in all, the commercial building owner, or the business owner can sleep safe with the knowledge that their windows are clean.

Lastly, commercial building owners can hire a window cleaner as a big incentive to retain their old customers, as well as an attractive marketing pitch to get more customers.

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January 04 2015

December 31 2014

Benefits of Installing Storm Shelters on Your Property

Installing an in ground storm shelterSudden weather change is something unpredictable. Everybody should be aware of and should take necessary precautions before. Tornado is one of the most disastrous type of wind which is capable of destroying everything on its way. These wind moves at a very high speed which cannot be prevented in case they appears. Most of the areas that are affected by these winds should ensure that they are safe in case there is a tornado or any other type of violent wind. Storm shelter or storm cellar are shelters built to protect people in cases of these violent winds. They can either be built underground or above ground. Shelters build above ground may be expensive and not convenient like the underground shelters. Some of the major benefits of installing storm shelters Alabama include;

1. They gives you maximum protection. When these winds blow they destroy everything they find on their way. The roofs, walls and everything else on the ground is carried away hence it becomes more dangerous to human being and animals on the ground. Underground storm shelters provides protection for this since when one gets an alarm that there will be a tornado he or she will just move to the underground shelter where he will be safe. Underground shelters offers maximum protection despite the strength of the wind. They are also easily accessible since most of them are built inside the house.

2. They are economical. Building a strong house on the ground requires many expensive materials like strong metals to reinforce it so as to protect it from these winds. However, some of these winds have greater force which will destroy even the strongest building. On contrary, underground houses do not require so many materials since the ground itself offers protection. They are economical to build and offers a guaranteed protection than the houses built on the ground.

3. They are convenient. Once you are warned or alarmed of a tornado, you only need to just move to your shelter since it is situated in your house. You don’t waste your time looking for protection. It’s even more convenient to children or elderly people since relocating them to another place in times of trouble might become difficult and dangerous.

4. They can also give you an ultimate protection. Besides used as a shelter for tornado, they can also be used for protection against intruders. Sometime burglars can invade your house and you may find it safe to move to the underground shelter to seek protection there.

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December 28 2014

December 26 2014

The Challenges of Insuring an Unoccupied Property

If your property is, or is about to become unoccupied for an extended period then please do not make the assumption that your Insurance Company will automatically cover it, they usually only provide unoccupancy cover for a short period which is usually up to 30 days.

Whether your property is empty waiting on a sale, you’ve been left the property in a will or intending to let your empty property you need to keep your asset safe with unoccupied property insurance, specialist cover for your property while it’s unoccupied for an extended period of time, this type of cover will differ from your traditional home insurance.

Many of the leading Insurance brands consider the risk of an empty property too high for a number of reasons; the chances of it suffering damage are much higher e.g. burst pipes in cold weather due to a lack of heating, criminal damage, vandalism, burglary or squatters. An unoccupied property also faces an increased risk of storm damage or flood due to a lack of monitoring and maintenance.

If you happen to be the owner or are in charge of an empty property there are some very simple precautions you can take to ensure your property remains in good order when empty:-

  • Regularly inspect it, don’t leave it for weeks and months; ensure you or a trusted friend or relative gain access to the property and carry out a proper inspection of each room and any outbuildings.
  • Install insurer approved security including alarms and approved locks.
  • To reduce the risk of fire, remove all combustible materials such as free newspapers and junk mail and consider a fire alarm alongside any security alarm
  • Provide your contact details to trusted neighbours who can then notify you if anything untoward has occurred

Another important consideration is that of plumbing, ifyour property is to be empty for the winter period then I recommend draining your pipes and having the heating on at regular intervals.

If your property is currently empty you need specialist empty property insurance from Brokers with proven experience in this particular unique area of insurance. By choosing unoccupied property insurance from The Property Insurer you will be in touch with a panel of proven specialists in this particular field, they understand the risk associated with empty properties and be able to tailor cover that meets your requirements and your budget – you can be assured of a great deal from The Property Insurer.

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December 21 2014

December 16 2014

ImageSuite 2.0 Has a Solution For Realtors and Other Business Owners

A couple years ago, my father in law obtained his real estate license. Like any business today, a lot of his success was dependent on having a strong Internet presence, particularly through branding and social media. As far as branding, his first obstacle was to create his own website for his real estate business. With plenty of premium WordPress themes in the real estate niche to choose from, he found one that was very nice, but also gallery centric. In other words, he would try to attract prospects by showing them pictures of great homes.

As it turns out, this presented a major issue in itself that he did not anticipate at first. He thought it would be convenient and simple enough to use the Internet and download pictures of the homes he wanted to display on his website. A couple months later, several “angry” emails came through notifying him that he had to take down all of his pictures or “John Doe” would take legal action against him. In these scenarios, you cooperate, take down the images, and everyone’s happy. Well… kinda… I guess the better word would be “relieved” in my father in law’s case.

image editor

ImageSuite 2.0’s Image Editor

The problem is my father in law did not have permission to use these images on his website, so he went back to the drawing board thinking, “No biggie. How hard can it really be to find royalty free images to use on my website?” Well, unless he is going to drive over to those houses and take the pictures himself, it turns out that it’s actually quite difficult to find the right royalty free images online.

But times have changed for the better if you are using WordPress to create your websites. The ImageSuite 2.0 plugin has made it possible to have an abundance of royalty free images in any niche on demand. If my father in law had ImageSuite 2.0 installed on his WordPress-based site back when he was searching for images to use, he would have simply entered “houses in (city name)”, clicked the search button, and ImageSuite 2.0 would have presented him with more than enough options to choose from.

On top of that, ImageSuite 2.0 gives you the ability to enter any image without leaving your WordPress account area. To do this, you would simply click the “Edit” button after choosing your image, and you could pretty much do whatever you want with these images. For example, if it’s a picture of a house on Dove Court in Denver, Colorado, you could click on the text tool and write the street address onto the actual photo. Or perhaps you add a custom border to each photo to sort of give all of the images your brand’s “stamp”. The list goes on and on and I think many business owners with websites will benefit from ImageSuite 2.0. Technically, you could benefit from this plugin even if you do not use WordPress, but it’s obviously ideal for WordPress users that are already logged in to a WordPress dashboard.

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December 14 2014

December 07 2014

December 04 2014


Securing your home with an alarm system was once a very cumbersome and expensive task. It had to be professionally installed, wires had to run everywhere. The optimal time for putting one into your home is when it is getting built or getting renovated.


Alarm installations were usually only performed by companies who sold their own systems, and had expensive tie in contracts for monitoring your property. But during the last 5 years the home security market has been severely shook up.


Thanks to online shopping giants like Amazon and the mass onset of online shopping, there are loads of DIY home security alarm systems for sale at very cheap prices. They are so easy to install a child can do it. Indeed some even have marketing videos where a child is indeed actually installing their systems.


Thanks to advances in wireless technology sensors can be installed all over your home without the need of any wires. They send signals back to the master control unit. Once a threat is detected usually by a door or window being forced open, or when motion is detected in a portion of your home where they alarm is set up, then the siren is activated.


You can choose to have your system monitored by a professional company. They monitor signals from your alarm 24 hours a day. Many systems can also detect if they are being tampered with or if the wires or phone lines have been cut. This is one reason for having a telephone line enabled, and a cellular enabled alarm system. If one goes down or is tampered with the other acts as a back up. Cellular systems work off the GSM network, the same as mobile phones and Sat Navs.


Once professionally monitored, if your alarm is triggered the monitoring company will phone you to check you are ok. They will ask you for a password, and if you give them the wrong code they will contact the authorities. You can also give them a fake passcode which they will know has been given under duress. They will play along with you but secretly contact the police. If your passcode is not given, or if your phone is not answered, they will contact one of the keyholders you have placed on your list, and also contact the authorities.


Professional monitoring can cost $19.95 per month and upwards. If you don’t want to opt for a monthly feee, you can choose a speech dialler instead. This is even available on some systems. It will contact you on the numbers specified, and/or send a text to the numbers specified if a break in has been detected.


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December 02 2014

November 30 2014

November 23 2014

November 17 2014

November 16 2014

November 13 2014

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